Hi there! We are now working to build our brand in to a great contender in the fashion and active wear market! We have been in the design lab planning and coming up with the most effective ways of branding our products and building recognition of our brand worldwide. We are not done yet! Soon we will be releasing our NEW logo design on our leggings that will prove to be even better than our current branding efforts! 

Please not that while not all of our product images will resemble the newly place logo on them, we have included information concerning the logo placement on all products storewide on each product page included on our site. Please make notice that all products will include our Lotus logo before making any purchase as reshipment, returns and replacements may not be available due to the logo visible on your product. 

Remember if ANYTHING is wrong, or damaged on the leggings due to our efforts we will replace your leggings FREE of charge immediately no hassle ever! Thank you all!  :)